Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sara: Current Beauty Obsessions

Key word for this post: OBSESSED.
disclaimer: do not read if the obnoxious use of colored text offends you 

(1) Sephora Natural Tea Tree Blotting Papers: I recently picked these up, and ever since have been, well... obsessed. I already consider blotting papers a gift from the beauty gods, but throw in the invigorating tea tree scent and it's heaven. Tea tree oil also has some natural healing and restoring properties so I'm hoping to reap some of the long term benefits too (I'll keep you posted). The papers literally suck up all the oil on my face, to freshen up mid-day without leaving behind dry skin or messing with my makeup! Also comes in Lavender and Vitamin C & E varieties. Collateral Damage: $8

(2) Nano Eyeliners: Another gem from Sephora. I scooped two of these up in Midnight Black (classic) and Khaki Green (beautiful! a very earthy almost brown with slight shimmer). They glide on super smooth stay on all day, and are adorably pocket-sized. Only downside: you need to buy a special mini sharpener too.
Collateral Damage: $5 each ($3 for sharpener)

(3) ANEW Clinical Derma-Full 3x, Facial Filling Serum: I don't even think they make this anymore, because I can't find it on the AVON website... bummer. The product lasts a long time because you only need to use very little. I smooth it on before bed and notice a huge difference in the evenness and smoothness in my skin the next day. It's pore minimizing magic makes my face look more awake and fresh in the A.M.
Collateral Damage: Free gift from when my sister used to sell Avon! but I think as far as Avon goes this line is on the higher end of their pricing

(4) Johnson's Shea & Cocoa Butter Baby Lotion: I love, love, love babies. But I don't always want to smell like one. Regular baby lotion has been a long time favorite of mine. No other lotion has ever left my skin softer, for a longer period of time, without feeling greasy. Perfumey lotions have always been too much for me, so when I found this baby lotion in such a light, natural scent.... obsessed. Collateral Damage: $3

(5) SEPHORA by OPI in Spark-tacular: This nail polish is a party in a bottle. It reminds me of party confetti, or birthday sprinkles and it was obsession at first sight. Technically its a Top Coat, because the actual polish is clear with multicolored medium and chunky glitter. I've been seeing tons of pictures on pinterest using chunky glitter like this on nail tips, and fading down into the nail. Tried it on my toes with a slightly metallic fuschia and it looks amazing. Painted my sister's nails a very bright Robin Egg's blue and glittered only one finger on each hand..... even more amazing. (No, ok? I don't have any pictures of that... get off my back)
Collateral Damage: $9.95 

(6) One and Only's Argan Oil: This, in my opinion, is one of the best kept secrets in hair care.Which is why I am here to tell you that you NEED to drive to Sally's right now... and buy this product. The oil treatment is derived from Moroccan Argan Trees. My hair tends to get a bit greasy after a full day, and when I use this I notice it a bit more so--but I typically wash my hair every day so that's no biggy. If your looking for obsessively silky, soft hair for a night, with no frizz (!!!) look no further than Argan oil. One tiny drop is all you need, rub it around between your palms and run it through wet or dry hair. I usually wait until my hair is half blown-dry then I apply the oil. Avoid going too heavy on the scalp to avoid greasiness faster, but this will make your hair so soft with brilliant shine and it smells great too. (It makes me feel exotic when I catch whiffs throughout the day :) Don't judge me) Collateral damage: $0.99 (Yes! That's right, not even a dollar for this amazing find!! I got a small sample size about 6 months ago and still have plenty left. They do sell it in larger bottles however!)

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