Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sara: Mama D's 50th Birthday Surprise

My mom turned 50 today, October 30, 2011.

She is a loving wife, best friend and mother to 3 daughters, and super-grandma extraordinaire to 3 beautiful children who call her "Gaga."

Gaga is, however, only one of her nicknames. We have also lovingly dubbed her Kitty. Ever seen That 70's Show? Remember Eric's closet drinking hysterical mother? Well my mom also enjoys an occasional cocktail and has been known to spike her coffee with Kaluha.

The fellow gals with which I share this blog, have also provided another nickname for my mother: Mama D. It all started when  we decided to go to trivia night at a local bar, invited my mom, and named ourselves, "Mama D's Chickadees." From there it stuck, and became forever added to her list of alibis.

Anywho. Mama D has turned 50. This weekend we planned a surprise treasure hunt for her around town. I wrote cute little rhyming phrases that would lead her from one stop to the next.

So her travels led her all over our wee village, starting at a flower shop where she picked up a pretty bouquet I pre-ordered for her and her huge obnoxious-look-at-me-I'm-50-birthday-girl-pin.
(The Birthday girl pin I made for Mama D! 50 years later and still as cute!)

From there, she ventured on to a local pizza shop, where both my sister and myself have worked. Here, she picked up an over night bag with a wrapped gift inside (PJs) and another clue that led her..... to the drive-through at the bank! They ladies here sent her out her next clue and a travel-sized toothpaste (all wrapped up of course--she was under strict orders not to open any gifts yet!). She was then directed to the local salon where she goes to ger her hair done, where she was presented with another gift and clue (mini shampoo and conditioner, and her favorite perfume). The next clue, which I'm sure was her favorite, led her to the local bar we frequent for a much needed "OMG I'm turning 50" drink. Next, the clues took her to the grocery store in town where she went to pick up her chocolate peanut butter birthday cake :)

(As a side note here.. when my sister went to check that everything was in place on Friday, the clueless woman behind the cake counter was fully prepared to write "Happy Birthday Pick" on the cake.... because I had asked the lady who I gave the order to, to just put in a pick that said happy birthday. )

Finally she was led to a local Italian restaurant, where she was told she would be picking up take-out for her dinner. When she arrived, however, she was greeted by 11 smiling faces and a very off-key rendition of happy birthday in which we all called her gaga.

It was here that she opened her gifts, and put it together that she would be going somewhere! My dad had made arrangements at a Bed and Breakfast nearby for the next evening. Her treasure hunt had also helped her pack :)

This birthday surprise was very special and couldn't have gone smoother. My mother is an amazing, kind-hearted and completely self-sacrificing woman. She has been the ultimate role model for me and I was so glad to be able to put something like this together for her special weekend.

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