Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sara: 3 Things I'm Thankful For

1. His name is Andrew. My sister's first kid. I am thankful that he introduced my female family to the joys of raising a little boy. I am thankful that he has more sarcasm and wit than most adults I know; that he knows more about football and sports at the age of 7 than I ever will in my entire life; that he monkey jumps into my arms when I ask for a hug--and then giggles and squirms when I tickle him but knows he can't let go or he'll fall. That he says things like "Off to another boring day of work"--as I leave in the mornings, or "I love you until forever"--when I tuck him in. That he let me talk him into being an old man for halloween last year,

and played the part perfectly (even down to the voice and limping walk). That he asks tough questions and soaks up the answer like a sponge. That he dances like noones watching and thinks he has moves that are out of this world. That he calls me to come tuck him in at night, to play monopoly, or to invite me over for movie night. That he is such a caring big brother who is always looking out for keeping his sisters safe, and helping them learn and grow. That he ruins every picture by over smiling, sticking out his tongue, or makes random gang signs with his hands. The light in his eyes and the kindness is his heart. That he lets me kiss and hug him in front of his friends, even though he's getting older now and that is so uncool. I am thankful that he tells me I am a great aunty and that he loves me unconditionally.

2. Her name is Ashley. The middle like her aunty. I am thankful for her beauty; for her quiet contemplative thoughts and observations. That she cries for lost relatives she's never met when looking at their pictures; that floods (The Johnstown Flood) and sickness and voyages (how many lives lost on the Mayflower) and poverty bring out a seriousness and compassion in her that causes her to stop and ask with those big, innocent eyes of hers why such horrible things are allowed to happen. I am thankful that she is wise beyond her years. That she loves to eat; that she can wink with either eye but can't roll her tongue; that she draws pictures of me with random ghosts in the corner; that she puts more thought into an outfit than me most times. For her warm hugs that melt away any worries or sadness of my day.

I am thankful that she loves to dance and dress-up and have tea parties and craft; that she constantly tries to mother and scold her older brother when she thinks no ones paying attention. That she uses words like "actually", "usually", "especially" and other multi-syllabic words 5 year olds shouldn't be using yet. That she can read at about a third grade level; her smartness; her dittziness; her giggles; her attitude. I am thankful that this beautiful little girl will someday grow into a graceful, strong woman that will make the world a better place to live.
3. Her name is Amber. The baby. I am thankful for her dimpled smile and crazy hair. I am thankful that she only says things like, "ewwww," or "ouchhh!" or "snack!" or "BEEEBEEE"(which means both blanket and binky). That we can't seem to stop her from climbing on tables or bouncing on furniture; that she has more attitude than a teenager; that she lights up the room with her laughter; that she hates sharing attention with her siblings; that she puts on my heels or sun glasses and walks around like a movie star. I am thankful that she rips out ponytails and bows and hats from her head like they are torture devices. The way she reaches up, opening and closing her fists, begging to be held; the way she gives kisses away freely.
I am thankful that she is always making faces like this one just before the camera clicks. Her chubby arms and legs. The way she waddles around like she owns the place. That she is always making a mess and always up to something. That she snores when she sleeps and screams about being told no. I am thankful that just when we thought two kiddos were enough, my sister blessed our family with a third we can't imagine ever having lived without.


  1. i am thankful for those three things as well <3 You are such an amazing aunty :) ..and i'm crying