Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge

Once upon a time on a journey through blog land, us gals came across a magnificent challenge--and we never pass up a good friendly competition!  Meg over at Mega-Crafty has crafted up the thrifty & seasonal task of decorating a Christmas tree for under $20! Appropriately dubbed:

The Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge!


^For dramatic effect of course, because our trees are going to be epic! Keep checking in for posts on the different ornaments we whip up from cheap junk thrifty treasures!

Here are the rules as posted by Mega-Crafty:
  • $20 dollar budget
  • The tree needs to be at least 4 ft tall
  • If you have to buy a tree the cost of the tree and the lights don't count as part of the $20 budget
  • Adhesives (tape, glue, etc) are the only stash item(s) you can use that won't count against the $20 budget). But adhesives must be used to stick other materials together. If adhesives are used in any other way (i.e duct tape ornaments) the cost of the adhesive will count against the budget.
  • Fraction-ing the cost of materials is NOT allowed. (i.e. a pack of paper with 10 sheets costs $1 dollar, but only one sheet is used. $1 dollar should still be subtracted from the budget, rather than .10 cents).
  • Coupons CAN be used to help the budget stretch farther
  • Upcycling and Recycling are allowed
  • Each ornament doesn't have to be different, you can make as many of one type as you want.
  • Update- Just to clarify, any tools you have (i.e. knitting needles, craft knife, scissors) can be used and don't count against the budget. Only materials count.
  • Update 2- Some people have asked about stash items and scraps. If you are going to use stash items just subtract the cost from a virtual $20 budget. Also scraps count as upcycling/recycling so scraps are perfectly acceptable per the rules!
If you want to participate too stop by Mega-Crafty and leave her a comment letting her know you want in!

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    1. I'm SO looking forward to seeing your tree's. And thanks for posting about the challenge!