Thursday, December 8, 2011

MegaCrafty Tree Challenge... Kayla's Tree!

So the challenge was to decorate your Christmas tree under $20.  If you know me at all, you know that I take a challenge very seriously, I love the dollar store, and I'm only mini crafty.  Here's how it all went down.

I picked up the 'ol tree from my parents house (it was rotting away on Craigslist for two years) so I gave it some love and hauled it off to my apartment.
The tree and I had a rough start - the color coding of the branches have faded away and it looked a little like a green yield sign the first time I put it together.

Once it was standing tall, like a good tree should, I headed over to my local Dollar Tree (holla dollah!).  I picked up four special things. Aka I spent $4.  If you are reading this expecting a Martha Stewart tree, I'mma gonna stop you right here.

My Special Things

My Most Special Thing
Once I returned home with my dollar bag full of treats, I got to twisting.  I spiralled the ribbon - wrapping it a few times around a pencil & then stretching it out.  And wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the crepe paper until it amazingly resembled a rose.

Say whaaat?
I placed my crepe roses and spiralled ribbon throughout the tree & then doused the tree in iridescent streamers (pretty much regretting that - they are already ALL over my apartment/I found some in my bed last night), but I was going for a white, sparkly tree... hah

Ohhh Awww!
With my Most Special Thing placed on top, I took a step back and realized that it ain't my best work, but it definitely works.  It feels a little more Christmasy in here & with a move on the horizon in Jan, I will have no guilt collecting up my sparkly, spirally ornaments and tossing them in the trash ;) (and trying, maybe a little harder at being MEGAcrafty next year).

I hope everyone has a very merry, very budget happy Christmas <3

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  1. I really like your tree topper! It's gorgeous. Really laughed about your references to being mini crafty and mega crafty.... LOL. I ha one of those trees once with the individual branches that were color coded. I'm so surprised that you got it assembled... once those color codings go I figured it would be impossible.