Monday, May 21, 2012

Bridal Shower Gifting!

May has been absolute craziness for me... and June is looking even crazier!

I've been very busy lately planning a bridal shower for my friend Emily, in cohoots with two other amazing girls Jena(MOH) & Carissa (check out her amazing photography skills on facebook here, or on her blog here!), and the wonderful mother of the bride Debbie.

With all of the final details falling in to place, we were all getting very excited for the shower on Saturday, and even more so because all the details besides the time and place were unknown to the bride. That's right, somehow we've managed to plan everything in absolute secrecy! I wont say too much about the shower because there will definitely be a post full of pictures yet to come!

I would, however, like to share the gifts I gave to the bride, because I'm happy with how they turned out! Emily was registered at a few places, but I decided to do my shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond. I got a few small items on her registry and created this!

A bouquet fit for a bride! And here's a closer look...

The colors for the wedding are coral and brown, so I found two coral colored daisies at Michaels, and used brown ribbon I had from another project. Everything else in the gift I got at Bed Bath & Beyond:

1- Yolk colored dish towel
1-Yolk colored dish cloth
1-pair of Caphalon tongs
1-Caphalon ladle
1-Wooden Spoon
1-Slotted Wooden Spoon

The tricky part was not being able to take all of the tags off of everything, in case the bride needs to make some returns. I was able to leave the tags on everything (some of which you can see on the wooden spoons) but the Caphalon utensils, but neatly took them off of their packaging and will give the tags to the bride on the side.

First, arrange your utensils and flowers so that they are fanning outwards a bit. Starting with the tagged side of the dishtowel, wrap/cone the towel around the base of the utensils so that the other end comes around and overlaps the tag, hiding it from view. Place the dish cloth flat, and tag side down, over the loose ends in the back and secure the entire thing with a rubber band!

Wrap with a pretty ribbon and it's as easy as that! Bouquets like this could be made as large and extravagant as you wanted--or as small and sweet like mine :)
If you've got lots of utensils to give, even consider
using a vase!

As the other part of the brides gift--per her request-- I made a photo collage of all things "Emily & Mike's wedding." Including her adorable shower invites (Thanks Carissa!), the wedding invite, the program cover for the ceremony, an engagement picture, and last but not least the date... I'll update with a pic as soon as I get one from the bride!

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