Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Bundle of Joy" Baby Shower Gift!

Creative shower gifting seems to be quite the craze these days...
Diaper Bikes, Diaper cakes, Diaper wreaths, etc.

Here's the gift I gave at my most recent baby shower, to my cousin Missy!
(insprired by this pin)

It's as easy as a bag of diapers, a blanket and some creative tagging.

I free handed the stork onto 2 layers of cardstock glued together, traced in sharpie & colored with colored penil; Cut concentric circles with scallop scissors and used script-y sticker letters. Tie with a coordinating ribbon, and voila!

As an additional note, it's a good idea to use some kind kind of framework inside the
blanket bundle; I cut the front off of a cardboard box, and cut along the box's edges to help it not look so stiff, and to make it easier to gather the blanket on top.

Anyone do anything else a bit different with diapers for a shower gift?

Happy Bundling ;)