Thursday, April 26, 2012

One of my favorite things...? LISTS!

I love love love making lists.

When I am stressing over lots to do, I make a list.

When I am packing and worried I'll forget last minute items before I leave? I make a list.

When I'm travelling and have certain things I NEED to see? I make a list.

You get it. Lists are helpful in being organized, in destressing myself, and they're also fun to make about not so stressful and organized things. I've been thinking about this post for a while now and after fatefully finding a new site on Stumble Upon, Lists of Note (where I found a hysterical list written by Albert Einstein--demands he was making to his wife in order to stay with her versus getting a divorce) I was further inspired to reveal the list that's been forming in my brain.

I was thinking about the simple things in life that make me the happiest and how we as people experience each of these things. It all boils down to the simplest ways that we experience any given part of life instinctually--our senses! So we'll call this list 5 on 5: My five favorite things to experience through each of my five senses (in no particular order-except for the honorable mentions who just didn't make the actual cut). Ready? GO.


1. Woodfires
2. Laundry in the Dryer
3. Halloween (in otherwords that perfect crisp smell on a perfectly crisp fall evening)
4. Ham baking
5. Coffee
*Honorable mentions = Chocolate

1. The giggles of my sister's kids
2. Hippie music
3. White noise (for sleeping of course)
4. The ocean
5. Crickets and the sound of night (outside of a big city of course)
Tastes (aka hardest category to limit ever...)
1. Chocolate
2. Chicken Noodle Soup
3. Baked potatos cooked on a campfire
4. Gravy
5. Rey Azteca (a local Mexican restaurant)
* Honrable mentions= peanut butter, wine & pizza

Sights (real life views I've experienced)
1. Watching happy reunions
2. Mountaintop views
3. The smiles of my sister's kids
4. The first glimpse of home after a long trip 
5. Sicilian countryside

1. New born baby-soft skin
2. Sunshine on your skin
3. Holding hands
4. Toes in the sand
5. Hot bubble bath
*Honorable mention= massage (duh)

I'm feeling pretty positive about this list... I think it covers  my senses most favorite things. What are some of yours??

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