Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gals Go New Orleans

In less than 24 hours we gals will be on a plane to New Orleans for a girls-getaway weekend!!

Clearly pictures and posts will follow on our fabulous time there.

Until then, here's our "to-do" list:

Ghost Tour Bar Crawl
Try some traditional NOLA grub (Po-Boys, Beignets, Gumbos, even Alligator maybe!)
Eat at a fabulous restaurant
Voodoo Shops
Friend tatoos?!?
Trolley Ride & Garden District
Hurricanes :)
Jazz/Zydego/Blues= MUSIC!!

And anything else that strikes our fancy while we're there!
Can't wait to get away with the gals and can't wait to take NOLA by storm (or by hurricane?)

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