Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentines From a Goofy Kid

Here are the Valentine's I had made for my nephew this year!
I was inspired by this pin.

He is silly and sarcastic and a major goofball.
I think they suit him perfectly.

(The fact that he had so many funny poses and played along with Aunt Sara's silly ideas only further enforces the fact that this concept was meant for little boys like him)

Until he's older and all of his friends' moms still have this
embarassing adorable picture of him.

I love being the Auntie :)

I recently joined Snapfish, and new members get 20 free prints!! So I added his picture to the card I designed, uploaded the entire image to snapfish, and Boo-Yah! About $2 for tax and shipping and in a few days I will have adorable Valentine's for this adorbale little guy to hand out to his friends. The mustaches came from the
Dollar Tree--$1 for a pack of 5!

We put the extra stache's to good use too...

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