Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Catch-up Post

Wow. Hi there. It's been a while.

As I mentioned in my last post I just moved out! So needless to say this summer has been an even busier one than usual for me. Things are finally starting to wind down from June/July craziness, and I'm just going to do that lame thing I tend to do bloggers do when they recap entire chunks of their lives because they've been too busy/tired/lazy to write regularly. Here goes, my summer thus far in photos and choppy sentences. GO.

Emily got married! The ceremony was perfect, the day was a dream, colors were vibrant and the party was outrageously fun.

Mr. & Mrs. Harrison

P.S. Emily glowed all day :)

Brilliant colors.

Amber turned two! I can't believe it's been that long since this little fireball entered the world. She has added so much color and happiness to our lives and I can't wait to continue to watch her learn and grow.

Andrew turned 8! He was away for his actually birthday this year, so we celebrated early with a carnival party for him and a bunch of his friends. His eyes will break hearts some day--and by that I mean more than just his aunty's. He continues to make me laugh daily and his energy-without-end never ceases to remind me how exciting life is.

I cried this year. Again. Just like last year.

Ok, so Amber loving cake is not a new development. But I had to share this one from Andrew's party too. We tell her to show us her teeth to get her to smile. Oh, and she calls Andrew Doo-Doo... which makes my heart happy.
Our third annual Luau celebrated Laura's graduation this year! The day was fun, but the weather left much to be desired.

Shout out to Papa D for our awesome Tiki bar that's survived from the first Luau!
My Uncle Scott (super-hero from move in week) turns 40 in the fall, so to throw him off we had a summer surprise party!

My sister and I crafted a man bouquet for him ;)

Block of styrofoam in a glass vase, liquor bottles, cigars and lotto tickets taped to wooden kabob sticks and stuck into the styrofoam!
In other news, Ashley keeps getting prettier....

Seriously. She's 6 going on supermodel.
I got to see Dave Matthews Band this summer at an outdoor venue in Pittsburgh with a bestie Bryn and her family. We had a blast and a perfect day for music, tailgating and sunshine.

Thanks Dodi for the ticket, the ride and such a fun trip!!

We celebrated the final birthday for the year of one of us gals--Kayla.
AKA Kankfest 2012.
We created a scavenger hunt for her that I'll post more about another time, but for now I'll tell you that family reunion crashing, pirates, pony rides, alcohol and surprises were involved.

A birthday surprise perfect for Kayla <3
Then this happened.

My family spent another year supporting and fundraising for the Relay for Life. This year our team raised over $5,000! Click here to donate to my family's fundraising efforts!

Amber gets her cheesing from me apparently.
I attended the 4th Annual Studer Invitational Beer Olympics with the rest of the Gals and my sister Laura who was finally of legal age to participate this year. My two year reigning champs team--Team Potter--were finally dethrowned this year....by none other than my little sister's team. Ugh.

Second place ain't too shabby, but I'll miss team Potter next year...
Slip n Sliding may or may not have been involved.

At least we shared the Smack Talk award at the end of the day...

I FINALLY put up the gallery wall in my apartment, and so far, I'm loving it.

A shelf below yet, and maybe some sort of wrought iron scroll above and it will be perfect.

I fell down the stairs in my apartment yesterday. Like head first down the whole thing.

I'm left today with a sore tailbone and achy back and shoulders, two bruised kneecaps, bruises on my shin, thigh, foot and elbow and a shattered ego.

But the night ended at an amazing concert- The Outlaw Roadshow featuring the Counting Crows. The music was so good and it was the perfect night to be at an outside concert. Our spots on the lawn weren't bad either.

Stage AE in Pittsburgh--love, love, LOVE this venue.

We sparkle in the sun.

So that's my summer so far.
Spending today recovering and trying not to fall asleep.

Here's to hoping the rest of it is just as fun, and
doesn't involve anymore falls.


  1. yay! thanks for the shout out, Sara D! Sounds like a super busy, but super fun summer already. ps. i'm still holding your shades hostage:)