Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SpreadingHope through Spreading Art: The Priority Boxes Art Project

I stumbled upon an art project by a man named Franck De Las Mercedes
that I just have to share... It is called
The Priority Boxes Art Project and the concept of his global outreach through art is to remind all hands involved that the values of peace, hope, and love are free and should be priorities for all of us.

The project is a simple one:
Visit the project's website to find out more informatio, and then sign-up online by
emailing the artist at, The artisit will create an
abstract work of art on the exterior of a package just for you
and mail it out for FREE!

Here's mine :)

The art series is meant to provoke thought, and to bring art in and out of
peoples lives as the boxes make their way in and out of various hands on their way to our doorsteps. What a beautiful way to bring art to people all over the world, and to spread the message of just how fragile things like hope, love and freedom can be.

Stop by his site, say please and thank you in your email for a free box,
and even check out his store with specialized artwork--proceeds to benefit
Franck's mission.
Then sit back for a few weeks, almost forget about it,
and come home one day to the surprise of a pretty-little-inspiring gift.

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